Creative Carnivals

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when several local schools are already getting underway, and kids are headed back to the classrooms.

Although some people might agree that this seems way too early to go back to school (especially the kids), we think it’s a great time to start planning those back-to-school carnivals, and we are ready to help.

Many parents like getting involved with the PTA groups at their kids’ schools so they can help plan events such as carnivals and fundraisers, but they might not have any idea how to go about getting one started.

We’ve been doing carnivals professionally for twenty-four years, so you know you can trust us to help make your school carnival a huge success.

With the early start dates, these schools are at a little more of an advantage than the other schools that follow a more traditional schedule, because after this month, we get very busy and might find it more of a challenge to accommodate everyone’s schedules.

The best things about using someone local to plan a fundraising event (like a carnival) are that we understand the area, we are more personable than an internet connection, and the kids enjoy doing carnivals more than trying to sell something to family, friends, and neighbors.

Carnivals are also a lot safer and less time consuming than door-to-door sales, as well as more convenient because we do all the work, from the initial planning to the cleanup.

A Child's Joy Creative Carnival     A Child's Joy Creative Carnival

A Child's Joy Creative Carnival     A Child's Joy Creative Carnival

Letting us help you plan a school carnival is also a great way to get parents and teachers involved with things like

  • Dunk tanks – Dunk the teacher always draws a big crowd.
  • Games – Win prizes selected by your PTA.
  • Concessions – Tempt festivalgoers with snow cone, popcorn, and cotton candy machines.
  • Assorted carnival rides – Sell tickets for time on the rides, and the proceeds go directly to the school.
  • Petting zoos and pony rides – These are great for the younger kids.
  • Lots of assorted inflatables – We can set up bounce houses, slides, and a giant movie screen!
  • And so much more!

Give us a call when you’re ready to get your event started, and we’ll take all the work out of the planning, running, and cleanup so you can put your attention on having fun and taking care of the kids.

Come play with us!

Jim and Laurie Prendergast