Join the Animal Awareness Program!

It’s spring time and our baby animals are ready to come out and play!

A Child’s Joy Animal Awareness Program LambLambs, chicks, bunnies, goats… Our animals meet all sorts of groups: schools, pre-schools, church groups, day cares, boy/girl scouts, libraries, and park programs, as a part of our Animal Awareness Program.

Join in the Fun

This Animal Awareness Program is available on weekdays for either a morning or afternoon session. We gear this series to Pre-K through Fourth Grade. We are flexible, gearing the lesson towards larger or smaller groups depending on your needs. We can do basic, intermediate, as well as more in-depth sessions.

Just so you know, our Kinder session features animals, rhymes, and poems. All our programs include educational collateral materials for you and your class to keep. We’ve got you covered! Make a reservation and we take care of the rest!


Our hands-on lesson includes over a dozen types of species and breeds. The lessons have been created by teachers and include demonstrations, questions, and answers, plus supervised hands-on time with the animals.

There are several baby animal tours to choose from and each of our babies have been hand raised, on a real farm. Hand raising our babies give us the upper advantage, because they are familiar with human contact and love the attention!

YA Child’s Joy Animal Awareness Program Chicksou are welcome to add larger animals, like a calf or pony, to an outdoor venue, for petting or pictures, too! The best part is all the wonderful pictures you, as the parent, are able to snap!


We Bring the Fun to You!

Be sure to reserve your Animal Awareness Program, today! These sweet animals won’t be babies forever! Early March and April are the best months to see them in all their fuzzy, sweet cuteness!

To check availability and/or make a reservation, please visit our website! The chicks and bunnies are waiting for your call! Don’t worry, we don’t actually make them answer the phone! Their main job is to look adorable. They are so good at it!

Come play with us!

Jim and Laurie Prendergast