Water Day: When Everybody Joins in the Fun!

No need to hire a school bus, pack up the entire school and make sure you have all their permission slips… instead, we bring the water park to you!

Remember those end of the school year parties or summer camp days? They were always so much fun! We can help you make this years end of the year bash a soaking success!

We call it a “water day!”

Summer is Just around the corner!

Between April and September, here in the Arizona heat, our water features steal the show. Rest assured, it’s more than just water slides!

And really, who doesn’t love a super-sized slip-n-slide? We also have thirty-foot water tunnels, hydra-balloon races, and paddle boats!

A Child’s Joy Water Day

Our packages accommodate groups up to 300 people. This means you can invite the entire neighborhood, but only if you want to. Really, this is a great package for vacation bible schools, summer day camps, and schools!

You will need to have a large lawn area for actually hosting this end of the school year, man it’s hot outside, bash!

Don’t forget, we have dunk tanks, too! “Dunk the teacher” is always a favorite game among our school parties. Unless of course, you are the teacher! Then, it’s “soak those crazy kids” day, right?

Bring the sunscreen, the beach towels, the bathing suits and don’t forget the kids! We will provide all the fun!

Our water day carnival packages start at just $645.

Don’t Get Left High and Dry!

It’s always more fun when everybody gets wet! But, these water day packages sell out quickly and we understand why. It gets pretty hot around here!

Go ahead, plan for some wet fun in the sun, this summer. Make your reservation today, before all our dates are booked!


Come play with us!

Jim and Laurie Prendergast